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There are over 100 online bookies available globally and the terms of each bookie can change depending on your country of residence. There are numerous factors that come into play when it comes to selecting which bookmaker a player wants to use, and at best bookie bonus we want to make the decision easier for you. Our reviews will largely focus on the bonus terms & conditions and general information on the bookie that we believe is critical before you deposit.  We have personally tried all the bookies reviewed, we will update when changes occur and give honest information that is critical for the new player selecting a bookie.

Key Bookie Bonus Review Details

Here we give a brief background into the bookie including; How long has it been in operation? How big is it in terms of customers and annual bets made? Has anything happened with this bookie that gives us a cause for concern? Although these are subjective areas to give weighting to in terms of evaluating a new bookie, it is critical to know how trustworthy and safe the bookie is to use before depositing.

Not all bonuses are created equal, and as such we have split the bonuses into 3 different types; (1) Cash Bonus where the total bonus value is the players to keep. (2) Bonus Bet where only the winnings from the bonus are the players to keep which does not include the stake. (3) Cash Refund where your first bet is insured against losing which means if you win there is no impact but if your bet loses then the staked amount is refunded.

Bonus Terms & Conditions are critical to understand as some bonuses that look great turn out to be terrible because of complicated terms and conditions. Although all bookies show their terms & conditions, they can have pages and pages of information. So in this section we will give the key points to note about the bonus terms & conditions.

Roll Over Requirements are a critical area to consider before depositing for any bonus. If the bonus needs to be wagered or rolled over once or twenty times has a big impact on how good the bonus is. Other factors like the types of bets that are included in bonus roll overs are critical and are mentioned in this section.

Payment Systems will cover the main types of deposit and withdraw methods available for the bookie.

Major Bookies have been split into an Australian and Global Review. This has been done as Australian signup bonuses are in a different league (much larger with better terms & conditions) to Global bookies and it is not a fair comparison. The payment methods, roll over requirements and terms & conditions are normally always different and as such we have split the reviews into these two sections.

We do not rank the bookies on the review pages, however we do rank the bookies on the home page. They are ranked from biggest bonus to smallest first, then weighted for the type of bonus (Cash Bonus > Bonus Bet > Cash Refund). If multiple bookies have the same bonus size and are the same type of bonus, the bonus roll over requirements are looked at next where the smallest roll over number is ranked higher. If all of the above rank equally for multiple bookies we then give weighting to the difficulty of the terms and conditions of the bonus. From here we have created our dynamic list of ranked bookie bonuses which will change as the bonuses change.

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