UNIBET - Bonus Review

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Bonus up to $300 for Australians

and €20 for Global players

  • Australian Website: www.unibet.com.au
  • Global Website:  www.unibet.com
  • Australian New Player Bonus: Up to $300 in a Cash Bonus
  • Australian Bonus Roll Over: 4x
  • Global New Player Bonus:  Up to €20 in a Cash Refund
  • Global Bonus Roll over: 5x

Unibet is a major global player in online gambling with over 13.5 million registered customers worldwide. Having formed in 1997 it has licenses in France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Australia and the UK.

Unibet is now a publically listed company on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange with offices throughout the world. These factors mean it has a strong reputation leaving you with confidence in using their online bookmaker services around the world.

What are the Unibet Bonus Details For Australians?

The Unibet bonus for Australians and New Zealanders is a cash bonus (up to) $300.

– Firstly you need to set up an account (you cannot be an old customer and claim this bonus).

– Before depositing you must ‘accept’ the bonus. Then Deposit up to $250 and and you will be matched 120% to a maximum cash bonus of $300.If you deposit the $250 and claim the bonus your balance will be $550.

– The cash bonus needs to be rolled over (or turned over) 4 times the cash bonus plus amount before a withdraw can be made. So for a $250 deposit and $300 cash bonus, $1200 needs to be wagered in total.

– Additionally the wagered amount must be on odds greater than 1.4, and needs to be done within 30 days of receiving the cash bonus or the bonus is forfeited.

– This bonus is available to Australians residing in NT, QLD, TAS and ACT; it is also available to New Zealanders.

Unibet Site Payment Systems for Australians

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What are the Unibet Bonus Details For Global Users?

The Unibet bonus for globals users is basically a free (up to) €20 bet.

– Firstly you need to set up an account (you cannot be an old customer and claim this bonus).

– Deposit up to €20 and wager it all on a bet. If the bet wins you will get the winnings like normal. If your bet loses your account will be refunded the bet amount up to €20.

– Before you can withdraw your bonus bet winnings, it must be rolled over (or turned over) 4 times the bonus bet amount. So for a €20 bonus this is €80 wagered on odds greater than 1.4.

Unibet Site Payment Systems for Global Users

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The Bottom Line

Unibet is a one of the top Australian bookies in terms of its bonus. The bonus is big and it’s easy to roll over (although slightly harder than other Australian bookies). Unibet has been around for a long time making us feel confident it will be around for a long time to come.

For global sports betters Unibet doesn’t have the biggest bonus but it is relatively easy to roll over compared to other sites, and it is a highly trustworthy site.

Overall we highly recommend Unibet for Australian sports betters looking for a new bookie with a big bonus and recommend global sports betters try it out although its not the biggest bonus around.

Visit Unibet now and get your bonus!

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